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Drain Cleaning Solution for Mumbai International Airport


Mumbai International Airport had an ongoing contract with an international organization to keep its urinals clean and stench free, but they were failing drastically. These products were creating very huge number of blockages in the drains and because of that the plumbing costs were rising and moreover, urinals had to be kept closed for maintenance for a longer period of time, which was causing hindrance to the smooth running of the operations.


And then Rutu was contacted and we were happy to take over. It was a long process of meetings, to understand their current problems, their requirements and then forming the solution. The main aim was to eliminate blockages, get control over the stink that was caused by blockages and get the urinals back in work. A drain’o’scopy was conducted and it was diagnosed that the blockages caused were because of the uric scaling. And a product of Rutu Biosys, Drain’O’Mac was the perfect solution, because this product is specifically designed to tackle uric scaling naturally by degrading the scales and converting those into a biologically natural content.


For the last 12 years, since we have taken over the operations, there is not a single hiccup, the water is saved and the janitors & the users, are a happy family

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