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Innovation towards suitainability

Expert Services

R & D

We work closely with various international organizations to develop products to aid in our fight for our planet.

Private Labelling

Alongside our BIODOC ™ solutions we offer a complete range of private label product offering. Our private label products are formulated using strict quality control protocols

Contract Manufacturing

If you have a custom blend for any kind of cleaner and want us to help you manufacture it, we offer a complete range of services.

Ask the Expert

Have a problem with your sewage treatment system?Our experts will analyse your problem and provide a suitable cost-effective solution


Private Labelling

Contract Manufacturing

4 Easy Steps to Get your product manufactured by us

Research & Development

We help fine tune the formulation for Your Product According to Your Specification.

Raw material sourcing

Our expertise for sourcing the raw material is at your disposal.

Manufacturing & Packaging

We manufacture and package the products based on the principles of good manufacturing practice. We help you design the packaging as per your requirement.


We assist in getting the right certifications to boost product credibility.


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