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Ensure Hygiene, Save Resources, Protect Environment

A sincere attempt at preserving nature’s greatest resource – Water

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Where can it be deployed?

Manufacturing Units

Corporate Office Spaces

Commercial Buildings

Service Organizations

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT by switching to Waterless Urinal Solutions

In this rapidly changing world, to mitigate the effects of climate change & the acute water shortage, we at Rutu Biosystems are committed to a greener world and intend to bring in advanced biological solutions to control malodor.

This initiative has helped several organizations in their sustainability agenda, sanitation goals, hygiene priorities, and financial goals.

The combined effect of these solutions reflects in waterless, odorless and fresh washroom

Stakeholder Benefits

Precious Environment

Saves water

Reduce Co2 emission

Saves energy used for pumping water

No toxic chemicals used in the process

Waste water is good for the garden

Support sustainable sanitation

Supporting Organization

Less water costs

Less energy costs

Less maintenance and repair

Less complaints of odor and health risks

Less waste water treatment

Washroom Users

Odor free washrooms

Germ-free urinal pots

Touch-free system

Fresh urinals for every use

Every use support green environment movement

Facility Staff

Reduced cleaning effort

No harmful chemicals to be used

hygienic place to work

Fewer issues and complaints

Safe to use

How it works?

A 3 step process

Malodor is a big challenge and has a high nuisance value. Human waste (urine) is a by-product produced by the kidneys and filters out the waste produced in the body. Being a waste product, it can contain various salts, trace amounts of hormones, protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids and a component called urea. It is this urea, which is oxidized into ammonia on contact with water and is released into the atmosphere causing the foul smell.

Our unique technology of waterless urinal consists of 3 solutions that work together  in synergy to achieve tremendous water saving while elevating washroom hygiene.

Washroom Cleaner (Bio Blue®) is used to clean the urinal bowl & mop the urinal floor to deal with spilled waste.

biodoc Urinal Bioscreen contains microbial spores and surfactants that are used to tackle urea and odour.

Urinal Odor Controller ( Magic) to get rid of the old scaling and maintain free flowing drains

BIODOC Urinal Screen & Bio Block

BIODOC® Urinal Bioscreen contains microbial spores and surfactants that are used to tackle uric acid and odour.

The Bioscreen is placed in the urinal pans and when it comes in contact with the urine, the spores in the Urinal Bioscreen are activated into ‘good’ bacteria that ‘feed’ upon the waste and then multiply.

The urine pushes down the bacteria into the urinal pipe and over a period of 15-30 days a colony of microbes is established in the urinal drains. This puts the urinal pipes get into an auto clean mode and reduce any accumulation of sclaes.

Water simply pushes the untreated waste (in this case, urine) into the STP for further treatment. But in this case, it is not needed, as the bacteria neutralize the waste and thus one can afford to go flush-less. Ultimately, the load on the STP is reduced too.

BIODOC Washroom Cleaner

Bio Blue® is be used to clean the urinal bowl & mop the urinal floor to deal with spilled waste.

It acts as a booster to Bio Block further helping maintain the system. Unlike other washroom cleaners Bio Blue® is a non-acidic (pH Neutral) product. It is non-toxic and safe to use. It is 100% bio-degradable like all the products in this program.

BIODOC Urinal Odor Controller

Use Odofresh® Magic to push start to the action of Bio Block and to get rid of the old scaling in the drains.

Odofresh® Magic is used to maintain the drain lines and acts to neutralize the residual odors which results from usage- a liquid plumber!

Let's discuss a smarter way to keep urinals clean and fresh


Absolutely Not ! This is the beauty of biodoc programme. The existing urinal only
can be converted into the WUP (Waterless Urinal Programme)

WUP work perfectly well in heavy usage places, because here every urinal pot is
treated as per biodoc programme, so the huge number of urinals do not matter.
Actually, the more the number of urinals, the more water saved.

As we said, we do not do any civil changes in the urinals, so the pipes already
connected remain in their place. We just switch off the water supply to those pipes,
so even if any user tries to flush unknowingly or as it is a muscle memory for us,
water will not be dispensed.

Yes, as this is a comparatively new concept, it can confuse users. And we can help
you with educating people about WUP with signages all over the urinals indicating
technology and purpose of implementing WUP.

No specific training is required. We sensitize the housekeeping team
regarding water conservation and hygiene during implementation so that
they too are aware.

No civil changes are required for implementing WUP.
in this programme each and every urinal is treated individually with biodoc
solutions, and that’s why no structural or infrastructural changes are required.

In WUP, as every urinal is treated individually, there is no lower or upper
limit of urinals to implement WUP. It can be done with single urinal pot
as well as with 1000.

No issues. Only if they are very old, then there is a huge chance of
accumulation of scales, so we specifically recommend a 7 day treatment
of Magic in such cases to take care of the old scaling which might be
present in the pipes. Our technical support team does a thorough survey
of the site before implementation and then you are advised accordingly.

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