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Waterless Urinals

Now it’s a common knowledge that fresh water of world is drastically decreasing and flushing is a lots of wasted water.  Actually five to six liters of water is wasted with each flush and a person flushes at least five times a day. So as per the statistics, water flushed by one person can be the drinking water for a family of four for the whole day. Astounding, isn’t it? And imagine if we can save water of all the flushes all over the world? This is our sincere attempt at preservation of nature’s greatest resource, water as well as provide clean hygiene to the society.


Let’s see the journey of water in our body. When we drink water, it is absorbed by our intestines and is circulated throughout our body in the form of body fluids, which perform various functions which keep us alive. They deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and take away waste materials like various salts, traces of hormones, proteins, carbohydrates , fatty acids and urea which are then eliminated with urination.  Fresh urine is clear and odor less, but when Urea from urine reacts with WATER, Ammonia is formed with carbon dioxide. The enzyme, Urease, hydrolyses Urea into Ammonia and Carbamate. The latter compound decomposes spontaneously to carbonic acid and a second molecule of Ammonia, which contributes to the rotten egg like odor.

So you can see, that the water we use for flushing is the sole reason for the stink.

Normal Reaction of Urine with Water

Urea (+Water) ⇒ Ammonia + Carbon dioxide = FOUL ODOR

Reaction of Urine with Bio Block & in absence of water:

Urea + Bio Block ⇒ Nitrogen + Carbon dioxide + Water = NO ODOR
Benefits of Our Bio Block and Bio Screen: 

Water saving -The water used for flushing is treated fresh water

Energy saving – Ground water storage tank, need energy to pump overhead tank before using

Less waste water generation

Waste water treatment cost

No need of periodic maintenance of plumbing (Man hours + Material)

Will add value to your LEED points to become a Green project

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