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Surface Cleaning

Various cleaning practices have been followed along with use of various cleaners! As humans evolved, so did the cleaners. Lets take a look:

Evolution of chemicals and cleaning agents

GEN 1: Synthetic Chemicals

  • They acted by Causing Chemical Reactions,
  • Had A Short And Superficial Effect,
  • They were Non- Biodegradable

GEN 1: Organic Chemicals

  • They acted by Causing Chemical Reactions,
  • They had a very short term effect and only on the surface,
  • Their biodegradability was very low.

GEN 3: Bio Enzymatic Cleaners

  • They act as catalysts
  • They have a long lasting effect and offer deep cleaning capabilities
  • They are fully biodegradable

When GEN 1 and 2 types of cleaning solutions were used
  • High use of toxic chemicals
  • Superficial action
  • Chemicals get dissolved in water, which is used for mopping or cleaning
  • The same water goes to septic tanks
  • Causes clogged drains
  • Again different chemicals are used to de-clog
  • All these chemicals mix with waste water
  • Ultimately all these chemicals go into water bodies with waste water
  • Causes water pollution of high degree
When Bio Enzyme Cleaners like BIODOC are used
  • One Stop All Purpose Biological Cleaner and Deodorizer
  • Bio- Degradable  and Eco-friendly.
  • The Eco Friendly surfactants along with our bacteria penetrate the surface of tiles/marble / granite and give a deep cleaning effect every time!
  • No VOCs
  • Nonpolluting & safe: leftover water can even be used for gardening
  • Suitable to use with natural stones
  • Avoids any type of pollution

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