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Odor Management

Odor can be managed by chemical masking agents or by treating the root cause of the problem by using biological products

  • The strong odor of these phenol based chemicals just masks the malodor.
  • It affects the mucous membrane present in nose of the people who are in close contact with these products and also can be skin and eye irritants.
  • These are hazardous even to environment.
  • Once masking agent fades off, malodor is detectable again.

When we talk about odor, we should take into consideration these types of bacteria.

  • Aerobic bacteria: survives in presence of oxygen: decomposes waste at surface
  • Anaerobic bacteria: survive in absence of oxygen: work in the core of the waste and forms a bio layer which minimizes the odor
  • Facultative bacteria: can adapt to any of the above condition.

In Biological products, good bacteria are used for the odor Management, which are highly active non-pathogens, which enhance the decomposition process and in turn acts on the odor automatically. These bacteria are in the spore form at initial level and multiply rapidly covering most of the areas.

To combat these odor generating compounds, and reduce them in the environment, beneficial, multiple enzymes producing bacterial strains that rapidly digest organic waste are utilized.


Odofresh Conc. is an innovative development for odor control in solid waste applications which provides a powerful combination of fast acting neutralizers for immediate odor relief. The selectively adapted bacteria in the product work to degrade malodorous compounds with proprietary ingredients which stimulate microbial activity. It is active against an array of nitrogen and Sulphur containing compounds classically associated with waste odor problems including amine, ammonia, mercaptans and hydrogen Sulphide.

The product can be sprayed at full strength or diluted as required and may be applied manually or with automatic systems. We suggest you to use the product at 1:1000 dilution with fresh water without chlorine. The activation process is much easier i.e., the product is to be mixed with the water and to be aerated for few minutes and kept for one hour for activation. Unlike other products where the process is more tedious and the activation period is more than one week. 

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