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biodoc Bioscreen and BioBlock

Saves about 1500 liters per urinal
Cost effective for organizations
Easy for housekeeping staff
Effortless for users
Septic safe & Biodegradable

How Does it work?

The Bioscreen is placed in the urinal pans and when it comes in contact with the urine, the spores in the Urinal Bioscreen are activated into ‘good’ bacteria that ‘feed’ upon the waste and then multiply. The urine pushes down the bacteria into the urinal pipe and over a period of 15-30 days a colony of microbes is established in the urinal drains. This puts the urinal pipes get into an auto clean mode and reduce any accumulation of scales. Water simply pushes the untreated waste (in this case, urine) into the STP for further treatment. But in this case, it is not needed, as the bacteria neutralize the waste and thus one can afford to go flush-less. Ultimately, the load on the STP is reduced too.


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